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The Changes On Facebook

Yesterday, we wrote about the impending changes to Facebook pages and how it can help your brand tell its story. This morning, Facebook announced that timeline for brands are now available, and that all users will have to switch to the new format by March 30th. Many others have written comprehensive articles that will take […]

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Got Timeline?

Today, Facebook will roll out Timeline for brands to a select group of partners. Adage reported that, according to their sources, it would be released to more marketers in stages. Despite not knowing when the new format will be available for everyone, everyone is asking: How can brands and marketing professionals prepare for the changes? […]

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So Much Interest In Pinterest

Pinterest is fast becoming the hot ‘new’ social network. Business Insider reported that it ‘is growing so fast, traffic is up 40x in the last six months’. That data is from Experian Hitwise, who say that the site had ’11 million visitors in the week ending Dec. 17′. It’s easy to dismiss the site as […]

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