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The Changes On Facebook

Yesterday, we wrote about the impending changes to Facebook pages and how it can help your brand tell its story. This morning, Facebook announced that timeline for brands are now available, and that all users will have to switch to the new format by March 30th.

Many others have written comprehensive articles that will take you step by step through the various changes. We’re bringing you the best of the best and then some recommendations of our own.

Here are our favourites blog posts off the back of today’s news:

In addition to the new design, there will be some administrative changes:

Goodbye default landing tabs

This is something that has been worrying many marketers. The tabs are still available, just not via the ‘tab layout’ section like before.

Inside Facebook reported: “…recommend [that] pages pin a post that links to a particular tab. According to cover photo guidelines, pages cannot add [cover] images that use arrows or text to direct people to visit tabs or take particular actions.”

Mashable argued that “Facebook ads for brands will become ever important, as ads will be one of the major ways brands on Facebook can control a user’s experience. Setting up an advertising campaign for a Facebook promotion or new application will be the only way to guide new and clicking users directly to that application.”

We will cover any developments in this area as we here of them, as we know that landing tabs are a major feature for many brands.

Choose which hat you’re wearing

As Michelle Prak reported “One of the best features of Pages is the ability to use Facebook as “your page” or as yourself, an individual. This is now found in the Admin section, under Manage.”

More emphasis on friend activity

In an article on TechCrunch, it was noted that “In the top right of a Page’s Timeline’s feed, visitors see the count and faces of friends who Like your Page, followed by one update from a friend mentioning the Page that Facebook’s algorithms deem especially engaging. You have little control over this section. Keep it from amplifying negative mentions of your Page by hiding or deleting those posts when first published.”

We recommend this is definitely something worth monitoring.

Other news

Facebook launches real time analytics

This month, Facebook will be allowing page owners to see their analytics in real time instead of having a two day delay until they have access to data. This is going to be extremely important for those brands who are working on time sensitive campaigns or when they are dealing with a corporate issue and want to see how fast the information is spreading.

Facebook introduces Premium: A marketer’s dream, a user’s nightmare?

Essentially, Facebook has decided to turn its social network into a massive marketing platform. ”Premium offers on Facebook are the best way to get your stories in front of more people, more often…This is your opportunity to express your identity and tell your stories,” said Hoefflinger.

The offers are new placements for premium advertising and Sponsored Stories, much like Twitter’s Sponsored Tweets.

Facebook Launches ‘Facebook Offers’ For Businesses

A few select brands on Facebook are currently running tests of a new Facebook product for businesses called “Offers.”

What’s super exciting about this new Facebook product for businesses, is the absolute simplicity and ease with which users can claim the Offer. Literally ONE click and Facebook lets you know the Offer is in your email inbox!.

Our recommendations

This announcement encompasses a lot of new changes, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

  • Many of these changes, such as private messaging and real time analytics, are things that you can explore over time. We recommend focusing now on crafting your brand story before looking at anything else.
  • Go through your history and delete posts before converting to timeline. Focus on removing the posts that don’t support or deliver on your brand story.
  • You can explore new ways to convert users to subscribers later. For now, the emphasis is on changing your visual elements to fit the new structure.

The reality is these changes were announced mere hours ago. Most marketers and social media professionals are still brainstorming the best ways to work with these changes.

We will bring you the latest news and strategies to help you through this transition. If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments.

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